Freshers Week

Right guys, not long to go now, hope you're all looking forward to it. Here's what we've got planned for you. Sunday
Move in between 10 and 6, we'll be around all day to help show you to your rooms, and then meet in the common room for a few drinks and then down to the Upin Arms to get to know everyone.

Meet in the common room and we'll make our way to your new home on a Monday night, Q BAR!!

We're hosting a private party just for the St George's freshers in Pitcher & Piano, it's £2 entry for you guys and it's just for us, it's a great chance for you to get to know some more St George's residents.

We're off to Reading's best new club, Sakura :D

We're off to another club Dogma and we're doing the 'Wetherspoons Pub Golf Challenge' so get your golf gear on.

We're having a Quiz and Karaoke in the common room, be a lovely chance to embarras yourself :D

Going to the UNION!!! Make sure to buy your tickets as soon as possible as they will sell out. Remember to come to the common room first every night and have a great freshers week.