Hall History

History of St George's Hall

The Hall officially began its life as a student residence in 1939, where it housed 100 female students and a very scary, very hairy matron (warden). By the grace of god this situation was eradicated slowly up until 1990 where the Elmhurst wing (the original girl's pad) was extended and two new blocks were built (Oakhurst and Main Block).
hall entrance

With these, hall population extended to 315. Obviously the main happy point with this increase in student population was the eradication of the single sex rule. True University spirit was upheld and now both males and females could enjoy the pleasure of each other's company, for study, obviously!
In the Summer of 2001 the main block was pulled down, leaving in its wake but two wings remaining; Elmhurst (fully catered) and Oakhurst (self catered). This diminished the hall population to a mere two hundred.
In the summer of 2003, UPP (part of Jarvis) bought the hall from the University and started construction on two new blocks (Limehurst and Rowanhurst). Construction continued all year with the final touches being added in the Summer of 2004 . At the same time Elmhurst was converted to self catered accommodation and completely refurbished.

St. George's now has room for about 400 students.