Currently everyone in the hall is required to pay an annual fee £30 to the JCR.

This money goes towards paying for many things that the JCR provide, such as the daily newspapers, TV and DVD, full public SKY subscription, and sporting and social events.

The fee also pays for the JCR to be able to subsidise events such as formals and trips out. This effectively means that we can keep the cost of these events to an absolute minimum for the hall members. The fee also pays for various sporting events, such as entering teams into the inter-mural competitions, team shirts and equipment, and the hire of astroturf etc..

The annual fee is compulsory for all students living in halls (regardless of whether you use the facilities or attend the events we organise) and non-payment results in battled fines. Failure to pay the amount will force the University to invoice you for it at an extra cost of £5 for administration! This may seem unfair, but it is necessary for hall life (in particular the social side of things!), and it is the hall that stipulate that it is compulsory.

However, the JCR do their best to ensure that your money is spent the way that you would like it to be spent. Don't hesitate to make suggestions as to how you would like the money spent, because we need ideas and to know that we are not wasting money on things that people don't want.

To pay your JCR Fee bring cash or cheques (made payable to St Georges JCR) to the bar on any evening, or to the hall office and ask for it to be put in the JCR mailbox. Remember this fee is what makes your year go with a bang so don't forget it.