Hannah is the person on the JCR who you can come to when you experience any problems or have any queries. She's here to support and provide you with any useful information that may help. She has regular contact with the VP welfare rep in the Student's Union so if anything beneficial is going on at the Union, she will let you know about! You can contact Hannah in a number of ways:

You can email her directly - georgeswelfare@hotmail.co.uk

She run "drop in sessions" on MSN on Sunday Mornings from 10-11, so add her to your contacts

The JCR mailbox is located in Elmhurst block, (it's one of the post boxes), you can post queries there. It's checked regularly.

You can come up to her.

She is running a safe-sex campaign, and will be distributing free condoms during Freshers' Week, and throughout the year.

During Freshers' Week she also has test sticks to test drinks for spiking, so if you have the slightest worry that your, or a friend's, drink is spiked, then ask her to test it.

Attack Alarms are available in Halls; either ask me or one of the office staff for information.

If you need to get in touch with Hall Staff for any reason whatsoever, the contact details are displayed below

St Georges Office: 0118 378 8394
Fax: 0118 378 6584
E-mail: redlands@reading.ac.uk
St Georges Residence Manager: 0118 378 8392
The UPP Lettings Officer: 0118 916 8441
E-mail: reading@thestudentvillage.com
Emergency numbers:
On-call resident: 07736 730966
University Security EMERGENCY: 6300 (internal)
0118 378 6300 (external)
University Security NON EMERGENCY: - 7799 (internal)
0118 378 7799 (external)